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Follow the story of Colorado based barrel racer, Connie V. Wyatt who’s competing nationwide in barrel racing championships after being out of the sport for 38 years!

M. Curtis McCoy is a motivational speaker, personal development author & business coach.

Assertive Holdings, LLC is a company formed in January, 2022 as an umbrella company over subsidiaries such as News Wire, Grand Junction 3D, and other family-owned businesses.

Assertive Holdings was created to consolidate business assets in different industries under one umbrella company while streamlining banking operations & tax preparation.

Payments made to News Wire or Grand Junction 3D will show up on your bank statement, PayPal or credit card reports as Assertive Holdings, LLC.

Assertive Holdings, LLC is a holdings company owned by Connie V. Wyatt & operating out of Clifton, Colorado.

Assertive Holdings, LLC started operations in 2022 and assumed financial management over, & will soon be adding rental & investment properties to the portfolio.

Assertive Holdings, LLC PayPal Charge

You may have found this site while reconciling your banking. PayPal payments made to for press release distribution are processed by Assertive Holdings, LLC.

If you owned a property on the Western Slope of Colorado,

Assertive Holdings, LLC Debit Transaction

Seeing an Assertive Holdings, LLC debit transaction on your bank account could result from a variety of engagements with the services and subsidiaries managed by this holdings company. Since Assertive Holdings, LLC serves as the financial umbrella for a collection of businesses, including News Wire, Grand Junction 3D, and other family-owned enterprises, any payment made to these entities would be processed under the Assertive Holdings, LLC name. This could encompass a wide range of activities such as submitting a press release through News Wire, featuring in News Wire Magazine, acquiring personal or business branding services, employing Grand Junction 3D for videography services, or participating in barrel racing events with winnings paid to Connie V. Wyatt. Additionally, payments could be for services rendered by M. Curtis McCoy or related to property dealings on the Western Slope of Colorado. The consolidation of these diverse operations under Assertive Holdings, LLC, owned by Connie V. Wyatt and operating out of Clifton, Colorado, aims to simplify banking transactions and tax preparations for the company, thus reflecting such transactions on customer bank statements, PayPal, or credit card reports as Assertive Holdings, LLC charges.

Assertive Holdings, LLC Bank Withdrawal

An Assertive Holdings, LLC bank withdrawal could indicate a transaction involving any of the diverse services or subsidiaries under the umbrella of Assertive Holdings, LLC. This umbrella company, established to streamline the financial operations and asset management of various businesses, including News Wire, Grand Junction 3D, and additional family-owned ventures, processes payments for these entities. Whether you have engaged in services such as press release distribution via, videography projects with Grand Junction 3D, personal or business branding initiatives, or participated in events leading to payments to individuals like Connie V. Wyatt or M. Curtis McCoy, these transactions are centralized through Assertive Holdings, LLC. The company’s approach to consolidating business assets and banking operations under one name is designed to optimize the management of financial transactions, making Assertive Holdings, LLC the single point of reference on your bank, PayPal, or credit card statements for a variety of professional engagements.